Bindrune pendant for good luck - Runes - Norse Magic

A beautiful peace of Rose Wood carved with the bindrune for good luck 
on the front and a spiral on the back
a little peace of cleat quartz amplifie the power of this pendant 

mesure : 5.5 cms X 4.cms
come with a leather cord

The wood is an extraordinary softness. The branch is very old, the wood is extremely dense.
I have long polished it with stone.
I use this method dates back to antiquity, the Egyptians were using particularly for stone and wood. I really love polish this way. The contact of these materials is truly magical!
And the result is a measure of pleasure began to practice it.

Each tool is anointed with a mixture of essential oils (rose, jasmine, honeysuckle and more ...) and precious organic oil to remove any negative vibration and wrap it with love. It also envelops a sweet and pleasant fragrance.

Polish with organic beewax to give a beautiful finish and a good protection to the wood

Come with a leather cord
Infused with Love and Light

) O (

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